The Open Air Community Area takes place on Weißekreuzplatz, opposite the Kulturzentrum Pavillon and is open during the festival at the following times:

Thurs: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Fri: 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm
Sat: 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm
Sun: 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm

There are information- and sales stands from initiatives and groups as well as delicious food. The area is freely accessible and offers space to rest and linger.

Our childcare will be multilingual and is offered for children between 18 months and 6 years. It can be used at the following times:

Friday, May 12th, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Saturday, May 13th, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sunday, May 14th, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

You can register your child(ren) in advance via e-mail: or directly at the festival at the info point at the Foyer. Note: the places for childcare are limited to 15 – 20 places due to the childcare key.

Unless stated otherwise, all events will be held in spoken language in German. Language mediation takes place simultaneously for all conversation formats in the spoken languages: English, French and alternately in a third spoken language, which is marked in the respective events. If you would like to use language mediation for one of the events mentioned: the translation devices will be available for you in the respective room of the event half an hour before the start of the event. Our performances are surtitled in written language in German, English and French or Arabic.

At the CLINCH Festival we want to create a space where everyone can feel comfortable. We do not tolerate discriminatory or abusive behavior. If you observe something like this or are affected yourself, you can contact our awareness team.

You will recognize our awareness team by their pink vests. Our awareness team walks around the festival grounds at regular intervals and is in close contact with the security personnel on Weißekreuzplatz and the security person in the building of the Kulturzentrum Pavillon.

The Awareness Team has also designed an Awareness Room (Raum 1 in the Kulturzentrum Pavilion), which serves as a safe space and retreat and is available throughout the festival.

The rooms of the Kulturzentrum Pavillon can be reached without thresholds and at ground level. There are three barrier-free toilets in total. One toilet also has a handicap accessible shower. There is an extra changing room with a changing table for small children (height: 74.5 cm); however, its height is not adjustable, and the door of the room opens inwards.

We have a guidance system in the Kulturzentrum Pavillon that is intended to make orientation inside the building easier for people who are blind or visually impaired.

You can find more information (in German) about accessibility in the building at: 

The Open Air Community Area on Weißekreuzplatz is a public grassy area in the shape of a triangle. One side is adjacent to a paved walkway. The second side borders a paved road, with CLINCH information stands providing protection from the road. The third side is a gravel path that runs diagonally across the grassy area, along which other CLINCH stands are set up. To reach the Open Air Community Area from the Kulturzentrum Pavillon, you have to cross a paved road with traffic lights.

You can attend the events with day tickets (valid for one day of the festival) and festival passes (valid for the entire duration of the festival). We have a solidarity ticket system, and you can estimate yourself how much you can and want to pay for a ticket.

More information about tickets here.