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Aspects of care & support in racialized violence & killings


Bühne 2

10:30 am - 3 pm
(incl. break)

Part 1

What does it need to effectively support traumatized families & friends in cases of racialized violence and especially institutionalized killings? Our workshop centers the perspectives of injured parties – their most important questions & needs as well as structural obstacles with both, the authorities in charge and the community support respectively. We want to raise awareness for obstructing circumstance for clarification beyond structural strategies of cover-up & victimblaming by exploring the actual needs of the concerned against limiting factors of those who organize care & support.

To do better, questions got to be comprehensively answered, privacy must be assured, transparency needs to be claimed, accountability has to be established & cultural specifics shall not be ignored.

Change is urgently needed – so we have to organize & change ourselves first!




Part 2

Forensic Architecture is an independent research agency based at Goldsmiths, University of London. We undertake advanced spatial and media analysis for international prosecutors, human rights groups and NGOs. Our research is presented in political and legal forums, truth commissions, courts, and human rights reports, as well as in exhibitions and public events. Forensis is FA’s sister organisation, founded in Berlin in 2021 to carry the agency’s techniques into new contexts.

Both workshop parts deal with the case of brother Oury Jalloh and the educational work of the initiative in memory of Oury Jalloh to uncover the truth about the murder with and for the family of Oury Jalloh.

Workshop in English spoken language with German interpretation

In cooperation with ISD Hannover and Rote Hilfe