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Bühne 2

11:00 pm

Black. Queer. Afrohouse.

DJ MWA has been DJing since 2017 with love for Afrohouse and all sounds that shake your body. Frustration with bad white cis-male DJs, a free controller and dozens of YouTube tutorials paved the way.

“Black joy is an act of resistance” and DJing is political – DJ MWA sees themselves as a DJ in a position with agency and thinks about who she (doesn’t) plays for and where, what happens to fees that aren’t vital to survival, how to deal with assaults on the dance floor as a DJ and how music can be (re)interpreted.

Gîn Bali

Gîn Bali is a kurdish musician and producer. Her sounds are mainly influenced from her classical education as a guitarist, growing up with RnB, HipHop and Rock music and living in world they might not really belong to. As a DJ Gîn always recreates their own reflection about her experiences and points of views in a set. Gîn feels genderunbound and loves to play genreunbound. So be ready for a union of gernes like Southamerican Techno, Bass, Experimental, Jungle, Deconstructed Club, Moombathon and kurdish electronics