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How to chill


Bühne 2

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

white supremacy cultures and capitalism shape the conditions of our work every day. through grind culture, sleep deprivation, institutionalized structural racism, lethal queer- and transphobia, just one day can be experienced like an overwhelming accumulation of information and pressure. one day (allegedly) has 24 hours. how can we actively re-arrange those 24 hours to serve us in the ways we need them to? how can we make use of some/all of the systems imposed on us? how do we chill? how do we feel at home in our bodies? for our session, we will jump into theories that advocate for slowness and ancestral healing. we experiment with strengthening one’s connection to the self through practices of care and intuition like dream-journaling and massage.

i will share secret background information on our collective dream meditations “pariyestan” and maybe we will watch cartoons together.

Open for: QTIBIPOCJ* + friendz – a protected space prioritizing care for Black people, peoples of color, Jews, Queers + Trans* babes. bring your friendz, those you trust, those who deserve to chill more.

workshop language will be german/english mixed. cuddling/ physical proximity is encouraged but not required. emotional/ spiritual openness is welcome and recommended. crying is okay here. bring your pillows and blankets if you need to take a nap in this workshop.

 max. 25 people