// Program

Mothering at the intersection of gender and migration


Großer Saal

10:30 am - 1:30 pm

with Mahtab Mahboub

Motherhood has been mystified in society with much moral acknowledgment and symbolic appreciation; but how does motherhood shape the lives of women here and now? Immigrant mothers are often racialized and stigmatized as a burden on the social system. They are seen as the migrant “other” who stands in the way of their children’s integration and instills in them “non-Western” values. Their voices are rarely heard in public, and the stories of their life experiences go untold. In this workshop we offer a space for exchange, discussion, reflection and find out what it means to be a mother with a migration background in Germany.

Open to: FLINTA* (women, lesbian, non-binary, trans, agender)* with and without migration experiences.