// Program

Plural culture of remembrance


Kleiner Saal

thursday 11.05.
7:45 - 9:00 pm

The politics of remembrance is a controversial political field, as is currently evident in debates relating to the simultaneous remembrance of the Shoah and colonial crimes. We discuss the content and motives of this debate and circle around the question: How can an appropriate commemoration take place without this being (set) in competition with one another?

We want to discuss considerations on a culture of remembrance that allows for a variety of perspectives and considers the composition of society: What would a solidary, inclusive vision that takes everyone with it without being arbitrary look like? What concrete steps and strategies could there be? How can the diversity of collective experiences be reflected in the politics of remembrance in a pluralistic society?

Discussion with

Max Czollek

Nadja Ofuatey-Alazard

Moderation: Saba-Nur Cheema