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Großer Saal

9:30 pm


SAVO is a young Kurdish artist from Hanover. She describes her music as a mixture of Neo Soul, R’n’B and Hip-Hop and has been performing on the stages of Hanover for four years and will soon be making her debut in the UK in Glasgow. SAVO is the word for pure water, which comes from a water source in which a spray is created. SAVO connects her Kurdish identity and her art with everything organic and pours her heart with all her feelings and thoughts into her lyrical, melodic music, like pure water. Her first single will be released this year.

Together with Anjoni and Taro on electric guitar and bass, she performs her unreleased songs live.


Laila Darboe aka Layla is probably the most multi-faceted artist, that Germany has produced in a long time. Hardly any other artist combines as many worlds, as her with her mere existence. The half German – half Gambian grew up in Münster and moved to Berlin in 2019 to continue making music. From rap to R&B, German to English, ladylike to gangster. The sentimentalist sets no limits for themselves and their music. She grew up bilingual and describes herself as open and direct. Layla sees her musical influences in hip hop, soul and jazz. Artists like Tyler the Creator, Sade and Amy Winehouse are part of her musical foster family. In her young career, the all-rounder has already worked with Grammy winner Rascal and producer prodigy Agajon.