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Photographer: © Hayahisa Tomiyasu
Fashion designer: © Jazil Santschi

Bühne 1

thursday 11.05.
6:15 - 7:15 pm

friday 12.05. 6:00 - 7:00 pm​


*”Snob” (noun):

Denotes a marginalized person who mimics the behavior of the oppressive class in order to survive.

– Meloe Gennai

In a subdued universe between sounds and images, Meloe Gennai leads us through life stories marked by constant adaptation to social norms. But how not to get lost, when so much time is spent faking? SNOB pays homage to the resilience and ingenuity of survival strategies developed by minorities and shows us what a tipping point might look like. Here it is up to the environment to accommodate a plurality of bodies and ways of being in the world. Learning to rest takes precedence over productivity here. Welcome to QUEERSMTH, where revolution is born by following your own unique path.

After the Performance there will be a follow up-exchange with Meloe Gennai catered for the disabled and neurodiverse audience. 

The follow up-exchange is open to all members of the audience, who watched SNOB and who identify as disabled and/or neurodiverse. The exchange will have a special focus on autistic languages and the room is sensorially accessible for people identifying as neurodivergent. The room is wheelchair accessible. There will be no interpreters, but all tasks will be written.
Time: Thursday, May 11th: 19.30-20.15 / Friday, May 12th: 19.15-12.00
Duration: 45 Minutes
Language: English, German

Artistic director: Meloe Gennai | Sound design: Jazil A. Santschi | Video Design: Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek | Choreography: Titilayo Adebayo, Barak Adé Soleil, Darion Adams, | Text: Meloe Gennai | Dramaturgy: Kami Mathiasin, Siméon Martinel | Lighting design: Adele N’Dri N’Guessan | Costumes: Luca X. Tanner Footwear: I S E wearable artefacts | Videography: Aleña, Camille, Rosida Koyuncu, Silvi Plath | | Administration, Diffusion: Brigitte Santschi, Caroline Froelich (Moin Moin Productions) | Accessibility: Amelia Lander Cavallo, Barak Adé Soleil, Olivier Zimmermann | Mentors: Barak Adé Soleil, Barokka Khairani | Outside Eye: Thiané Cissé, Jérôme Richer; Delphine, Albertine.