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Bühne 2

2:30 - 4:00 pm

with Tamer Düzyol and Taudy Pathmanathan 

Love is everywhere, in song lyrics, in movies, depicted in artwork, in books. Love is often written, spoken, and discussed in a romantic context.

The anthology überLIEBEn focuses on love and makes it its task to complete the picture. The book of poems puts the different forms of love next to each other. A variety of poets are brought together to bring together different perspectives on love. Because love is not only romantic, friendly and familiar. Love is political, love is solidarity, love is poetic.

At the Clinch Festival, the editors Tamer Düzyol and Taudy Pathmanathan will read for the first time together with Ibrahim Arslan, Joanna Mechnich, Meryem Choukri and Yasmin Taheri from the book überLIEBEn (about (surviving) love).