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Work, migration, and class


Kleiner Saal

2:00 - 3:30 Uhr

The history of migration is complex and is subject to different motivations: War, poverty, and work are the most significant factors in the decision or need to migrate and historically have had a significant impact on social composition. This is also the case in Germany, where the lack of skilled workers determines the discourse around labor market. Those discourses examine migration in a neoliberal value system and pose questions about justified and unjustified migration. Germany has been trying to find a solution to this shortage of skilled workers for decades – whether it was the so-called “guest worker recruitment” or the search for harvest helpers from abroad. Many questions arise that deal with the topics of class, racism and migration and the relationship to work.

How is migration linked to class and what role do racist narratives play?

What does this value system say about the relationship between migration and work?

with Orry Mittenmayer, Mizgin Ciftci

Moderation: Ferda Berse